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19.3.24 In DT using our nets to build our car body.

15. 3.24 Class 2 trip to Rosliston exploring different habitats

12.3.24 Children were exploring similarities between Hindu festivals and Christian festivals using a Venn diagram.

6.3.24 Well done to all the children for their wonderful reading and singing in the Mothers Day service.

1.3.24 for Science we tested how well sound travels through different mediums. The children discovered how well sound travels through solids using our string cup phones.

29.2.24 for computing this week, children created yes no databases using different selections of items. They had to creat3 questions to create a pathway to each object.

28.2.24 Beat your best PE enrichment session. Children were encouraged to try new skills and beat their scores each time.

27.2.24 creating our Iron Man word banks for a setting description


Still image for this video

23.2.24 in DT we are creating sling shot powered cars. This week we made the chassis.

23.2.24 Class 2 are looking at yes/no choice databases and created their own for different modes of transport.

9.2.24 Our finished artwork

8.2.24 Today the class explored the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan. We had the chance to create our very own rakhi as a gift.

7.2.24 After making our papyrus paper, the children were able to use charcoal and paint to create their very own Ancient Egyptian style artwork.

02.02.24 A very messy afternoon. We have used strips of parcel paper with glue to create papyrus like paper ready for our Egyptian art next week.

02.02.24 Class 2 have been writing and performing their own music, using the pentatonic scale.

25.1.24 To help with our understanding of how the body moves, we created working hands with joints, bones, tendons and muscles.

23.1.24 Children comparing different Mandirs from around the world

Children have been identifying and measuring different bones in the body.

Practising Pentatonic Melodies.

Diving into Ancient Egypt using the VR headsets. Looking at artefacts and exploring an Ancient Egyptian river scene.

Children worked as a team to sort animals into groups of exoskeletons, endoskeleton, and soft skeletons.


All our hard work in Science and DT paying off with real working torches!

A lovely Christmas trip together to the Winter Wonderland.

An amazing geography morning, learning all about orienteering and how to read a map.

Children creating fantastic stop animation films based on morph.

Within our RE this half term we have been exploring the idea of The Holy Trinity, with God as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The children created images to represent the Holy Trinity and created lanterns to light their way.

After practising our calypso song, ‘What’s the news?’ vocally last week, we attempted and mostly succeeded in playing the tune. Can’t wait to put it all together.

In Computing this week, we made stop frame animations using just a white board and pen, the children turned them into gif to animate.

Investigating different circuits to see whether they work.

Thank you Madame Stevens for helping our class with exploring Remembrance Day from a French perspective this week.

Well done to Isla, Myra and Ocean for their deserved awards today. It’s great to see so many of our children show our school values everyday, making our community amazing to be a part of.

This half term we have based some of our learning around World War One. The children have written in the style of a soldier in the trench to create a detailed diary. Then today we have used our tints and shades from Art to create some amazing images visualising Flanders Fields.

Well done to everyone for their performance of Flanders Fields today.

Some very good mathematicians in Year 3. Using inverse operations to solve missing number problems.

Children using their tints and shades to paint their compositions.

Is there anything more fun than playing with magnets? Definitely not! We discovered many things like not all metals are magnetic, and magnetic fields can go through objects.

Serious work negotiating the Treaty of Versailles. The children showed great compassion towards each other and would definitely have done a better job than those in 1919.

This half term we have looked at the uses of digital devices. Today we investigated whether using digital technology was always better. We drew pictures the old fashioned way then used an iPad to try and draw the same picture. Then compared the two.

The class were investigating the friction of different materials by measuring the distance their cars went after going down the ramp.

Amazing digital inventions. We have been exploring inputs, processes and outputs through digits devices. The children had a go at creating their own.

Children using a range of techniques to create different effects with pointillism, dabbing and adding glitter to give the paint texture.

In History we are exploring the lives of the soldiers on the Western Front. The children had to create a trench layout that had all the things they would have needed in the war.

Children were very excited to play their instruments, read sheet music and create a song.

We have been investigating the effects of friction on materials. We used rough and smooth surfaces to test how far our materials traveled.

We have been experimenting with colour in Art today, adding black to create darker shades, and white to create lighter tints. Great effort from the class today.

We have been investigating what makes a device digital, and looking at inputs, processes and outputs to help us sort our items into digital and non digital groups.

Children love learning their timestables, so we have created competitive games using a game board and dice. A great bit of fun and you can download these from our class page to play at home.

What a fantastic start to the year! Our work this week was based around Flower Power by Caroline Wedd. After a special appearance from Caroline, we explored the themes and imagery of her story. The children produced some amazing pieces of work including original blurbs, word clouds and amazing artwork.

Some of the children performing their poetry

Well done Class 2 these look amazing

Everyone had a part to play in the building of the big frieze

Looking for ideas to create our big frieze

Some amazing poetry from our budding bards

A lovely mucky afternoon sifting through soil and investigating what lies beneath us. We found a lot of worms, decaying plant life and shoots of new plants. The children particularly enjoyed using the microscopes.

The children identifying hazards and learning how to behave when faced with an emergency situation.

A brilliant morning, learning new skills and enjoying the sun.

Science: measuring the effects of heat and wind on the rate of evaporation.

Maths this week has been all about the money!

Class 2 were exploring our local area and the surrounding villages using four figure reference point.

Our Science unit is working Scientifically. Today the children tested the viscosity of different liquids.