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Courageous Advocacy

At The Mease, we encourage and support our children to be "Courageous Advocates". This means they champion causes which are special and meaningful to them. These may be global issues or matters far more personal and closer to home.

We believe that being ‘Agents of Change’ will develop our children's understanding of the wider world and how they can help make it a better place, enabling our children and others to Grow and Flourish. 

In the lead up to Christmas, we want to show our love for their vulnerable people in our village community. Class Three explored how Christians celebrate Christmas as part of their learning this half term. After researching about Feed the Hungry’s kindness kits, we worked in groups and made our own Kindness Kits to deliver to the vulnerable people in our village community. We are proud to live out our school values of love and koinonia!

We recognise that Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many people and we want to help! This year, we will be supporting our local food bank in Tamworth by creating a whole-school reverse advent calendar. Each child who brings in a donation, adds it to Santa’s sack along with their name to the board. At the end of this term, all donations will be taken to Tamworth food bank. We are amazed already at the generosity shown by our community; our school values of love and koinonia are certainly being lived out!

On September 28th 2023, we held a fundraising event to raise money in support of the fantastic charity, MacMillan Cancer Support, which is special to many of us here at The Mease Federation. All parents and carers were invited to a coffee morning where they could enjoy a warm drink and slice of cake with their children. Our School Council and Year 6 pupils did a fantastic job at running the event. All funds raised will be donated to MacMillan Cancer Support.

In RE this half term, Class One have been learning about charity. We have explored what charity means and why it is important to treat others the way we wish to be treated. The children in Class One decided that they wanted to host a bake sale for their fundraising event. They made signs, baked and decorated cakes and ran their own stall. All money raised will be donated to the Christian organisation, Tearfund. Well done Class One; what a charitable act!

As part of a project for the Edingale Summer Show, Mary Howard have decorated posters around the theme of 'Plastic Pollution'. Our children have been learning about how to look after the world we live in, the importance of preserving our planet and what could happen if we do not take action. They are passionate about this topic and extremely keen to make a change! We hope that their work on display will inspire and encourage others to take the same action - well done Mary Howard!

On 27th June 2022, Mary Howard and St Andrew's took part in a food packing event with the local Christian organisation, 'Feed the Hungry'. We are committed to helping those in need and ending hunger!