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Winter Uniform

Boys                                                            Girls

Red school sweatshirt/jumper                Red school sweatshirt/cardigan

White shirt or polo shirt                        White blouse or polo shirt

Grey trousers                                         Grey skirt/pinafore

No Jeans                                                 No Jeans

Black Sensible shoes - no trainers           Black Sensible shoes - no trainers


Summer uniform

Boys                                                            Girls 

Grey trousers/shorts                         Red & white school summer dress

Red or white polo shirt                       Red or white polo shirt

Or plain red/white T shirt                  Red cardigan/jumper

School sweatshirt/jumper                  Grey skirt or Grey shorts

Sensible shoes – no trainers               Sensible shoes – no trainers


PE Kit

Plain white T shirt, black shorts and black plimsolls, all clearly labelled and to be kept in school.

Outdoor kit - black track suit or jogging bottoms and trainers for colder weather. 

No Hoodies.



No jewellery allowed except stud earrings and a watch.  No jewellery allowed at all for PE. Jewellery must be removed by the children prior to PE.