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Winter Uniform

Boys                                                                          Girls

Red school sweatshirt/jumper - Required                Red school sweatshirt/cardigan - Required

White shirt or polo shirt - Required                        White blouse or polo shirt - Required 

Grey trousers - Required                                         Grey skirt/pinafore - Required

No Jeans                                                                 No Jeans

Black Sensible shoes - no trainers - Required          Black Sensible shoes - no trainers - Required 


Summer uniform

Boys                                                                    Girls 

Grey trousers/shorts - Required                        Red & white school summer dress - Optional

Red or white polo shirt - Required                      Red or white polo shirt - Required 

Or plain red/white T shirt - Required                  Red cardigan/jumper - Required

School sweatshirt/jumper - Required                 Grey skirt or Grey shorts - Optional 

Sensible shoes – no trainers  - Required             Sensible shoes – no trainers - Required


No uniform has to be branded with the school logo. As long as uniform is the correct style and colour, generic items will be acceptable.


Uniform can be purchased from S.K. School Uniforms or generic items can be purchased from Asda, Tesco and other local stores.  


PE Kit

Plain white T shirt, black shorts and black trainers, all clearly labelled and to be kept in school.

Outdoor kit - black track suit or jogging bottoms and black trainers. 

No Hoodies.

All clothing items should be non-branded.



No jewellery allowed except stud earrings and a watch.  No jewellery allowed at all for PE. Jewellery must be removed by the children prior to PE.


Second Hand Uniform

Any donations of second hand uniform are greatly appreciated. We have a second hand uniform sale on the car park at the end of every term where parents can get uniform at a reduced price.