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15.3.24 Red Nose Day. Today we made some red nose faces. Using Jammy Dodgers as the face, we added edible eyes and used icing to create a mouth. They tasted great!

7.3.23 World book day quiz! Today was world book day so we put our book knowledge to the test! There were lots of different rounds in the quiz including guess the story, name the character and general knowledge. Congratulations to the winning team!

5.3.24 Milkshake making! Today we got to make a delicious milkshake. We could choose between strawberry, banana or vanilla. To begin with we carefully chopped the fruit before adding milk, vanilla extract and a small scoop of ice cream. We then got to blend it all together by carefully using the blender! Delicious!

8.2.24 Crisp Challenge! We were given lots of different crisps to try. Once we had eaten them, we had to guess what flavour they were. Some were easier than others. None of us could guess Wostershire sauce.

6.02.24 Chopstick Challenge. Today we were challenged to pick up and eat various different foods using only chopsticks. Pieces of apple, prawn crackers and marshmallows weren’t too difficult to pick up however we did struggle with the jelly beans, fruit pastels and noodles!

01.02.24 In Wraparound today we were set the challenge of moving a ping pong ball from one table to another using only Lego. Our contraption had to be at least 60cm long and we weren’t allowed to touch the ball once it had been placed on the Lego. Well done to both teams who managed to complete the task and take home a delicious prize!

30.1.24 Cupcakes! Today we turned our hands to some baking and made some delicious cupcakes.

29.1.24. Lego challenge. We were given the challenge to build a Lego city, however we soon realised that 1 hour wasn’t long enough for this difficult task! So instead, we built some houses!

Highland Games (25.1.24)

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Highland Games (25.1.24)

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25.1.24 Today was Burns day. We discovered why this is such an important day in Scotland. To celebrate, we took part in Mary Howard’s Highland Games. This involved, welly wanging, hammer throw and a relay.

We celebrated national pie day by making a delicious banoffee pie! We combined layers of caramel, biscuits, cream and bananas before topping with some chocolate curls. Yummy!

Tik Tok whipped cream challenge!

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Today we took part in the famous Tik Tok whipped cream challenge! We squirted some cream on the back of our hand, before throwing it into the air and trying to catch it in our mouths. It’s was super tricky and we ended up with cream all over the place!

On our first day back after the Christmas holidays we made some glittery hedgehogs. We enjoyed making a mess and getting covered in glitter!

We were given a very important mission today! To protect the egg! Using lots of different arts and crafts materials we had to build a device to prevent an egg from cracking when dropped onto the playground. Only one of the eggs managed to survive the huge fall!

We put our taste buds to the test today! We had to eat different foods blindfolded and try and guess what we were eating. We tasted foods such as; pineapple, strawberries, popcorn, cheese and jelly beans. Well done to the teams that managed to guess all the foods correctly!

Today we used Hammer Beads to create different images before Mr Morley ironed them so that we could take them home