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Our School Day

Our school opens to pupils at 8.45am. A member of staff will open the gate and greet the children on arrival. The gates are closed at 9am and this is when our registration also closes.


Children have Worship from 9.00 - 9.20am.


Lesson 1 - 9.20am- 10:30am


The children enjoy their morning break at 10.30 until 10:45am.


Lesson 2 - 10:45am- 11:15am


Lesson 3 - 11:15am-12:15pm


Lunch break is 12.15pm until 1.15pm.


Teacher Reading to whole class (Classes 2 & 3) 1.15-1.30pm


Lesson 4 - 1.30-2.30pm


Lesson 5 - 2.30-3.30pm


Class 1 have story time from 3.20-3.30pm


School Day Ends - 3.30pm

The school is open from 8.45 am to 3.30 pm which equates to 6 hours and 45 minutes a day, Monday to Friday.


This equals a total of 33.75 hours a week. 


This is above the 32.5 hours outlined by the government.