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03.05.2024 In DT this week, Class Three began to build structures following their designs from lesson one. The children used a variety of materials and explored ways to assemble and reinforce structures so that they are sturdy. As we are learning about the Vikings in History and English, the children have carefully designed their playgrounds to have a Viking theme!

01.05.2024 In Science this week, Class Three modelled Darwin’s natural selection. After studying how Darwin explored variation in finches across the Galápagos Islands, the children considered how and why beak shape may affect how much food is eaten (consequently affecting population size). We worked in partners to carry out a fair test by only changing one variable. The children then made conclusions from their findings!

25.04.2024 In Music this week, Class Three continued their learning about Baroque. The children learned about the famous German composer, Johann Pachelbel and his development of the musical form, the canon. We practiced playing the parts of the canon using glockenspiels (part 1 was particularly challenging!) before playing along to his famous piece, Canon in D.

23.04.2024 In RE this week, Class Three explored different Christian interpretations of Jesus’ miracle stories. The children considered which viewpoints they agreed with the most and reflected on reasons why.

10.04.2024 This week, we were very lucky to be joined by Entrust for a live music performance! The children were extremely happy to see Mr Moon back. The theme this year was a journey into space. We learned about how each of the instruments worked and what family each instrument belongs to. We listened to and joined in with some well-known pieces and enjoyed hearing some classical pieces too like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata!

13.03.2024 In Art this week, Class Three used photography to recreate a famous painting. We studied and recreated the painting, ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch using expressionistic colours like the artist!

12.03.2024 In RE this week, Class Three suggested meanings for and showed an awareness of how texts and hymns and used in funerals. We considered the similarities and differences between those that may be selected for the funeral of an Atheist, Agnostic and Christian. We carefully considered the beliefs held by these people and therefore the suitability of music and verses selected.

06.03.2024 In Science this week, Class Three explored the enquiry question, ‘How does the number of bulbs in a circuit affect bulb brightness?’ The children learned the meaning of our vocabulary focus, ‘resistance’ and carried out an investigation using a light meter to explore how the number of components in a circuit can affect bulb brightness.

05.03.2024 Class Three kindly prepared daffodil bunches ready to give out during our Mother’s Day service in Church!

01.03.2024 Today we were visited by the School Food Showdown who delivered a fantastic, engaging session on the importance of healthy eating. We worked in two teams to follow two different, healthy recipes and produce meals full of nutrition. The rest of the school tasted our food and the votes decided that Miss Warner’s team (The Red Chillies) were victorious!

28.02.2024 In Computing, we began exploring databases. Class Three learned the difference between a database, record and field before creating and sorting their own paper-based databases!

28.02.2024 As part of our PE enrichment afternoon, Class Three explored personal bests and considered the importance of setting personal goals. After completing three sets of a range of activities, the children reflected on the challenge and recorded results to see if they made progress!

28.02.2024 In Science, Class Three predicted and presented results for electrical circuits. We considered why using a wire is recommended despite other materials being electrical conductors. The children reflected on their knowledge of electrical insulators. We worked scientifically by drawing circuit diagrams accurately using standardised symbols.

27.02.2024 In Maths today, Class Three explored percentages. The children learned that percent means parts out of 100 and explored different ways of making percentages.

23.02.2024 In Maths this week, Class Three explored decimal and fraction equivalents. Year Five began by considering the place value of fractions in order to convert to tenths and hundredths before moving onto mixed numbers. We used the number facts on our working wall to help us reason and problem solve efficiently. Well done Class Three!

22.02.2024 Class Three predicted the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary. They used their dictionary skills to define the meanings. We then applied some of this language to our description of the Amazon, using the techniques within ‘DADWAVERS’ to vary our sentence structures.

08.02.2024 In Science, Class Three devised and calibrated a sundial when learning about the concept of time. The children worked in partners and used the location of true North to observe where shadows were cast behind the gnomon before annotating sunrise, midday and sunset.

02.02.2024 Class Three had their second John Taylor High School Maths transition today. Mrs Barnes joined us again and led an excellent session on multiplying and dividing by negative numbers. The children demonstrated excellent growth and super perseverance during the session. They were extremely proud of themselves and Year Six are already starting to feel prepared to begin KS3 maths in September!

01.02.2024 In D&T, after designing a sustainable product concept to fit a brief, the children in Class Three had to use CAD to create a 3D model using the programme, Tinkercad. They closely followed their designs and remembered to consider the client’s desires from the original brief.

29.01.2924 In English, Class Three started learning about the legend of The Trojan Horse. We developed our fluency when reading the text, using model, echo, paired and choral reading. Following this, Class Three explored the vocabulary in the text and learned new words in context. This lesson involved finding where the new vocabulary was used, locating definitions and synonyms and using them independently within an accurately punctuated sentence.

25.01.2023 In Music this week, Class Three appraised a classical composer (Felix Mendelssohn) and created a dramatic reading, using the words and phrases that came to mind when listening to Fingal’s Cave. After that, we learned more about dynamics and pitch along with the role of the conductor in an orchestra. The children worked excellently in groups to take turns in being the conductor using hand signals to change the dynamics and pitch of the performers.

23.01.24 In RE, Class Three made connections between the values we are studying and their own lives. We explored some big moral concepts and the children used drama to represent how they may look in our everyday lives. We reflected on the choices made and justice within the consequences. Class Three developed their understanding of the idea, freedom of action.

23.01.2024 In Science, Class Three learned about the movement of the Moon. We addressed common misconceptions about the Moon and researched Moons on other planets before organising our findings into a table. Did you know that it takes 27.5 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth in an anti-clockwise direction? The children learned that this is called a lunar month!

Our D&T topic this half term involves creating a navigational tool for an outdoor adventure shop. The tool must encompass different features in order to fit the brief sent by the client. In D&T this week, Class Three wrote a programme for a cardinal compass using the iPads. They then paired their work to a micro:bit to test the navigational device!

In English, Class Three planned and wrote their own battle scenes using the Greek myth, The Hydra of Lerna. The children used a variety of sentence types including: simple, compound and complex. They built suspense using exciting and varied punctuation. The finished products were excellent and the children are certainly demonstrating growth as writers!

Our reading lesson on Monday focused on fluency. We used model, echo and choral reading to accurately read the fifth labour that Heracles completed, after identifying and defining unfamiliar language. The children read the passage again with their partners using our reading skills. Some children were flourishing and even volunteered to model how to read extracts from the passage to the class!

In English, we considered why Heracles should and should not complete the twelve labours. The children used modal verbs within their responses to express levels of certainty and possibility. The children then told their responses to Heracles in a conscience alley activity. By the end of the alley, Heracles had to decide whether he would or would not complete the twelve labours!

In RE, we began our new unit by learning what a humanist is. We then explored ‘bad’ actions a person may do and considered why. The children understood that actions have consequences and offered lots of ideas for different scenarios. Each children then created their own code for living, which included a list of rules for people to live by in order to make the world a happier place!

To begin our English unit, we made predictions about our new class text, ‘The Twelve Labours of Heracles’. The children read with expression using the method of echo and choral reading and we really focused on the challenging pronunciation of Ancient Greek vocabulary. We read the first of the twelve labours (The Nemean Lion) and identified the features of this genre within the text. A super start!

An excellent start back with Class Three demonstrating wisdom in maths! Year Five revisited and consolidated their prior learning of adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. Year Six learned how to multiply fractions and revised multiplying a fraction by an integer too.

We had two very special visitors on our last day of term! 🎄⭐️

Class Three made calendars for 2024!

We enjoyed eating Christmas dinner with the whole school! 🎄

Class Three were treated to a festive performance by Max and James, who have been working hard in their guitar lessons to grow as musicians! Both demonstrated super wisdom and perseverance when performing! Well done boys!

Class Three recited the poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in church for our whole-school nativity performance this week. They sang all of the songs taught by Mrs Ennis beautifully too!

Class Three planned a route around the UK using atlases. We used our prior learning of grid references, compass points and coordinates to accurately describe our routes!

In English this week, Class Three read and performed different styles of poetry. We identified the features of a quatrain and haiku before using pace and tone to accurately read the poems in pairs. Echo and choral reading supported the children in reading aloud before their performances.

Our Christmas trip to the Snowdome was great fun! We had lots of snow play, watched the pantomime, ‘Cinderella’ and visited Santa’s village!

As tradition, in preparation for our service at Holy Trinity Church, Class Three made Christingles to remember Jesus as the light of the world!

This week, Class Three had an enrichment morning which involved orienteering and lots of teamwork with excellent communication! We transferred our learning from geography brilliantly! The children were given pictures and had to build maps to represent the place accurately using symbols. A super morning - well done Class Three!

In RE this week, Class Three have explored how Christians celebrate at Christmas and considered why. We researched a range of Christian organisations and explored how people participate in the act of giving during the festive season, keeping a focus on the celebration of Jesus’ incarnation. The children then worked in groups to plan their own kindness kits to deliver to the elderly and vulnerable in our community. We really demonstrated the school value of love this week, with some really heartfelt ideas being shared and suggested. Well done, Class Three!

Year Six children solved multi-step problems involving fractions and mixed numbers this week. They recalled previous learning brilliantly and are getting swifter, at converting to find common denominators, each day!

In maths this week, Year Five children subtracted fractions from mixed numbers. This involved using our previous learning to convert fractions and find common denominators, along with breaking the whole.

In preparation for writing our non-chronological reports, Class Three selected and researched a habitat in order to create their own big-write in the style of Animalium. The children considered the style of language that they will use within their writing and began to construct sentences using the passive voice.

In English this week, Class Three started their new unit of learning (which they are VERY excited about!). After making predictions, we started reading our new class text, Animalium. We developed our fluency and use of appropriate intonation through echo and choral reading before retrieving information from the text.

In music, we continued learning about Blues music and explored the 12-bar Blues. The children in Class Three learned what a chord is and practiced playing the chord of C with the backing music of the 12-bar Blues. We really focused on playing in time with the backing track and playing both notes at exactly the same time. Some children were challenged to play quavers for the chords!

In Art and Design today, Class Three explored decision making in creative processes. We looked at a range of images and discussed the mediums they were represented through. After selecting the space image that they found most interesting, the children experimented with drawing processes and tools to replicate the colours, lines and shapes in four different ways.

In maths this week, we have continued learning about fractions. The children in Class Three have been using stem sentences to remember and apply the numerator and denominator rule. We needed to be really secure on these rules in order to firstly compare and order fractions less than one before progressing to working with fractions greater than one!

Thursday 16th November was a very special day at The Mease Federation because we launched our new school vision, values and motto! We began the day with a whole-federation collective worship in church led by Reverend Nicky and Reverend John. Sarah Ennis also taught us a song about a mustard seed! Spiritual council members wrote our very own school prayer linked to our new vision, values and motto. The children were impeccably behaved and so engaged with all of the activities they engaged with. A huge congratulations to all involved. This will certainly be a day to remember!

In RE, we started our ‘Incarnation’ unit of learning. Class Three understand where the word comes from and its meaning: God in human form. To begin our learning, we first considered the qualities we would want in a person who could ‘save’ a situation. After reading evidence from the Bible, we used our knowledge of the prophecies to consider the qualities that Jewish people wanted in their saviour. The children used their learning to create wanted posters for the Messiah, their pictures had to link to what we read in the prophecies!

It’s Anti-Bullying week! This week we spent time in Class Three exploring this year’s theme, ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’ and completing a range of activities to raise awareness of support systems and strategies that could help somebody. We began the week by wearing odd socks to celebrate our differences and what makes us unique before creating a kindness chart. The children have been adding their initials throughout the week to say which challenge they completed each day in order to demonstrate our school value, love! We thought of responsible people who we could turn to and ‘reach out’ to if we were being bullied. Class three used an emergency scale to sort a range of scenarios and consider how our actions change depending on the severity of a problem we are faced with. Well done Class Three!

In English, Class Three used their knowledge of the text so far to write a list of questions to ask Mary Lennox about her feelings, having just arrived at Misselthwaite Manor. We used the inferences we have made about Mary’s personality so far to answer the questions well. During our SPaG starter today, the children had to correct some very poorly written direct speech by thinking back to our work last half term!

To finish the week, Class Three worked hard to edit their writing to improve their setting descriptions of the moor in The Secret Garden. Children worked in pairs to check their work and used thesauruses to consider replacing words with varied vocabulary. The final pieces were refined and impressive!

In Geography, Class Three started their new unit of learning. This half term, we will be answering the question, “How do we read a map?” Today, the children quickly revisited their previous learning to see what they could remember. All children remembered that an atlas is a book of maps - super! They worked in partners to find a variety of locations using the index page and necessary coordinates before completing an atlas quiz which involved looking deeper than just a place name. One child made connections between their learning in French last half term to identify the longest river running through France - super knowledge retention!

In music, we started our new unit of learning about blues. Class Three learned about the history of the genre including where and why it began. We listened to a variety of blues music and identified a common feature being bent notes. The children joined in and sang in a blues style, using their voices to replicate the bent notes.

In French this week, Class Three worked hard for Madame Stevens when learning about Le Jour de l’Armistice in preparation for Remembrance Day. The children learned about how blue cornflowers are used to commemorate Armistice Day in France and created their own including French Vocabulary linked to Remembrance. Très bien!

In DT this week, Class Three finished their unit of learning by evaluating their stuffed toys. The children thought about what went well and what they would change next time if they had the chance. They also looked back and reflected on their original plans to see if their outcome closely followed the plan or was adapted along the way. Well done Class Three!

To begin our poetry unit, we thought of vocabulary linked to the theme of war. The children in Class Three explored a range of famous war poems, including ‘Dulce et Decorum est’, ‘The Solder’ and ‘How to Die’. We revised the use of metaphorical language in preparation for creating metaphors, similes, personification and alliteration about different war images. After making comparisons between the poetry and considering the different moods conveyed by the poets, the children chose a favourite style to inspire their own writing. The children in Class Three then presented and performed their poetry to the class. A brilliant effort!

Class Three have grown as mathematicians this week! We have continued working hard with our multiplication and division unit of learning. Children in Year Five used their wisdom when learning about square numbers whilst Year Six used their wisdom when learning about the order of operations - excellent!

In Science this week, Class Three investigated the effects of friction. We learned that friction is a force that acts on moving objects and it also generates heat! The children created their own marble runs and predicted which material they thought would create the most friction, therefore slowing down the ball the most. We wrote ‘er’ sentences to show the relationship between different surfaces and friction.

My Year Six pupils have certainly used their perseverance this week in maths! They have learned how to use long division and applied this new learning to answer multi-step worded problems - well done Year Six!

In RE this week, Class Three used their wisdom to make links between religion and faith. They placed statements on a continuum that had ‘All Christians Believe’ one end and ‘No Christians Believe’ at the other end. We had some really rich discussions where the children used their newly acquired knowledge to justify their opinions.

In History this week, we used photographs as our source of evidence to make inferences about the Blitz. The children recalled on their previous learning to support their reasoning and did a fantastic job at discussing what they imagine life would have been like during World War Two.

In RE this week, Class Three learned about how many Christians believe Science and religion are complimentary. We watched an interview of Dr Wiseman, a famous astrophysicist and Christian. The children learned about her beliefs and devised questions that they would ask her if they had the opportunity. We then considered (after listening to her beliefs) how we thought she would interpret Genesis 1.

In D&T this week, we certainly used our school values, ‘wisdom’, ‘love’ and ‘perseverance’ when applying our newly acquired skill of sewing a blanket stitch! The children really took their time and were fantastic at helping others in need. They were so appreciative of acquiring a new skill and proud of their progress; three children even thanked me at the end of the lesson!

In Science this week, Class Three explored the effects of water resistance. We designed and created boats using a streamlined shape to make them travel faster in water by reducing the effect of water resistance. The children then put their boats to the test by timing how long it took to cross the water. Finally, we reflected on our learning about water resistance and considered what we would do differently to make our boats travel through water even quicker!

In PE, Class Three used their defending skills to gain possession. We recalled previous taught rules such as no forward passes and also the offside rule before putting our skills into practice and playing a 3v2 game using tags!

French Day was a huge success this week. The children in Class Three loved working alongside peers in their houses to complete an exciting variety of activities including Eiffel Tower sculptures, French food tasting, learning geographical facts about France and touring the country using the VR headsets! See our French curriculum page for more pictures!

As part of a new classroom reflection area activity, Class Three spent time reflecting on things they are thankful for during this Harvest season. As we are in Autumn, we made ‘leaf thanks’ pages for our reflection area. The children were extremely engaged and reflective.

We had a maths transition visit from John Taylor High School today! The focus was simplifying algebraic expressions and the children worked extremely hard to crack the codes!

In D&T this week, Class Three learned how to sew a blanket stitch in preparation for making our stuffed toys as part of our textiles unit! The children were certainly demonstrating growth in this lesson and the progress they made along with the evident growth in confidence by the end of the lesson was extremely pleasing to see! Well done Class Three!

In English today, Class Three got into character for a hot-seating activity! We generated and asked questions to the main character during an interview to check everyone’s understanding of Olive at this point in the text.

In Science, Class Three learned about Newton’s theory of gravity. The children identified the difference between mass and weight before practically measuring a range of objects to see if there is a relationship between the mass and weight of an object. The children learned that an object’s mass will always stay the same but an object’s weight can change!

In English this week, after reading Chapter Six of Letters from the Lighthouse, Class Three got into character and re-wrote Olive’s postcard home truthfully. They used an informal tone and included 1940’s vocabulary too!

In History, we started our topic by investigating the causes of WW2. The children worked in groups to create timelines and researched the key events. All children were fascinated and many could recall what happened to Germany at the end of WW1, the significance of the Treaty of Versailles for Germany and how the defeat of Germany in WW1 lead to WW2.

In English, we sequenced an event in the story, ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. The children worked in groups to order and represent part of Chapter One in the style of a comic strip before putting the parts together like a jigsaw to make a complete piece. The children in Class Three loved this task and their finished pieces look fantastic!

In D&T this half term, we will be learning how to make a stuffed toy. As we are learning about WW2 in History and English, it just so happens that our stuffed toys will resemble that of an evacuee’s during the 1940’s!

It has been wonderful to see children engaging with our new classroom reflection area already this year! Our activity involved making a model of someone or something that we are thankful for using playdough.

In PSHE, Class Three learned all about growth mindset which was a perfect way to start a new academic year! We played 3,2,1 and discussed the usefulness of this as a strategy when we are feeling in need of support during challenges. To experience a new challenge altogether and try out the method, we had to solve a morse code mystery in teams!

Our final canvases for ‘The Big Frieze’. Can you interpret which part of The Bible they represent? 🤔

We completed our stories this week and those of us who wanted to read them out to the class. There was some super stories inspired by Helen Rutter! Well done Class 3 👏🏻 📖

We have been busy creating our ‘Big Frieze’ canvases this afternoon. We have completed our designs and are ready to start crafting on the canvas tomorrow! Year 5 are doing ‘Salvation’ while Y6 are working on ‘The Kingdom of God’.

We have been creating a leaflet all about Mary Howard in Writing this week - they’re almost finished! Take a look at a couple so far 🤩

We have been looking at respect in worship this week with Reverend Nicky!

We performed our own shadow theatre show in Science this week, making shadows larger/smaller and explaining how this happens.

This afternoon we have thought about worries and hopes for next year. Y5 discussed their responsibilities for next year and what skills they need to carry these out!

In Science, we played a game of Bingo! We had a competition in partners to see who could correctly answer all of the questions about light the fastest. After, we started creating science puppets ready to use in our own shadow theatre show next week!

As part of our RE session, we thought about the 10 biggest problems in the kingdom of god today.

We looked at what to do if somebody is choking in PSHE this week and created our own checklist!

This afternoon, we have been thinking about what makes our school so special. Throughout this half term, we will be using this to help us to produce a presentation all about our school. This will involve us using and applying our computing skills!

In Design & Technology we have started to build our lighthouses. Today we painted some strips of paper and began to Papier-mâché the base of our lighthouses, to create the rocks and sea.

This afternoon, we have been creating maps of Edingale in groups. We looked closely at different map symbols and used atlases to help us create a key.