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9.5.24 In DT we constructed the mechanism of our windmills, we made the turbine and secured the axel to the structure 💨

7.5.24 In Science we explored different features of plants in the playground 🌳

31.4.24 Poet visit - We had a special return visit from a local poet. He shared his new collection of poetry with us and we created a mecrostic poem all about nature around us!

25.4.24 In English we role played scenes from our Pinocchio story!

22.4.24 The Enormous Turnip! The reception children have been learning through the story and today looked at dividing up and planting basil plants in our garden tough tray to care for and grow!

10.4.24 Musicians Visit - We went with Stitch around the Solar System and home again!

15.3.24 British Science Week - lots of activities themed around the topic of time. We focused in on the seasons & after watching a time lapse of a bluetit creating a nest and hatching her chicks we gathered natural materials and created our own!

8.3.24 3D sculptures

1.3.24 Class 1 created a role play from our English story ‘Katie in London’

23.2.24 In RE we are looking at the big question: What makes Easter important to Christians? We heard the Easter story and did a hunt for our sequencing clues for Holy Week.

7.2.24 For children’s mental health week in PSHE we looked at choosing kind words

1.2.24 In our new Science topic we answered the question ‘What are the different parts of our body?’ by going on a scavenger hunt in groups around class 1!

26.1.24 In DT we answered the question ‘What does a vehicle need to move?’

In PE we developed our yoga moves by following a jungle and rainforest themed flow!

In Science we answered the question how do the hours of daylight change through the seasons? In groups we created pictograms to show our gathered data

3D shapes - We were recognising and naming 3D shapes in our maths lesson today

Christmas toy workshop - The children have been enjoying our new role play area. We have been writing lists, tags, wrapping presents, designing toys & making Santa’s elf helper masks!

Wellbeing session - Class 1 have been enjoying their sessions with Time4Sport. In today’s session the children looked at fat and sugar content of different foods and how much is recommended in their diets!

Art - Mark making - we collaborated on a group art piece ‘making waves’ we asked the question: How can we represent water using our different mark making techniques?

A week of bus journeys with Reception, writing sentences with Y1, making seasons mobiles, Vision & Values celebration in Edingale church and Supporting children in need!

We made predictions based on our ‘found box in the Thames’ to introduce the Great fire of London. Rock up and Read in class 1 and finding out how we can use computers to paint!

We used our Autumn collections to explore our senses & the Y1’s created some fantastic poetry linked to our treasures!

Which materials are absorbent? In Science this week Class 1 investigated different materials.

One more! Year 1 have been looking at number patterns.

Year 1 have been working hard on retelling our traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood. We then used our ‘inspectacles’ to proof read & edit our narrative.

We went on an autumn scavenger hunt to identify different natural things we see in autumn!

In English we sequenced the little red riding hood story and then drew a story map!

We used our reflection area and our ‘Thankful playdoh’ to make models of things we are thankful for - ‘ I made a spider because I am thankful they catch flies’

We looked at different materials in Science and identified different class objects and the material they were made from!

W/B 11th September : What a wonderful first whole week in Class 1!


We spent our first whole week together following our new class routines, timetable and continuing to explore our new learning environment inside and outside.


Our morning routine of settling in and warming up to learning consists of a self register, book vote and for Y1 tricky word practice. I love to read those morning sentences! It's also a chance for Miss Watkins and I to catch up with our focus readers.


At 9am we have our worship, Class 1 have been fantastic at showing respect and understanding of what is expected during our whole school assembly. It was lovely to hear their singing voices this week during our first hymn practice. I think the children also enjoyed our first bible meditation - it was a very calm start to our learning on Thursday!


It has been great seeing the Reception children working so well with our Maths resources, we looked at number recognition, sorting and ordering numbers this week. Y1 are well into our new unit on place value making use of our new white rose workbooks to demonstrate their understanding - I was really impressed with their reasoning skills today.


Breaktime is another opportunity for learning and the children have all taken part in our snack station - selecting the correct coins for each snack. It's great to see such healthy choices being made, we have had apples, satsumas, tomatos, carrots and pears this week - yummy!


We go straight into our Little Wandle phonics after break, I have seen some great letter formation from the Reception children who have been working very hard in their first week of phonics. Y1's have been reviewing phase 3 phonemes this week and are super spellers!


Our English text is the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood, the Reception children loved retelling the story using finger puppets they had made. Y1 have been working on their sentence structure, predictions and exclamations - we had lots to say about the Big bad Wolf! We even had a picnic basket full of treats that Little Red delivered to her Grandma....or so she thought!


The children had their PE lessons with SH Active this week, Gymnastics and Dance. We have also started on our Music, RE, Geography, Science, PSHE and DT topics so a very busy first full week.


I want to say how very proud I am of all of Class 1, their efforts and enthusiasm this week have been wonderful to see. Thank you to everyone who has shared your 'Let your light shine' awards and certificates, it's so lovely to hear what they get up to outside of Class 1!


W/B 6th September : What a fantastic first few days in Class 1!


We spent our first few days together learning new routines, names and exploring our new learning environment inside and outside.


Our whole school focus for English, PSHE, RE and Art this week was the beautifully illustrated 'Flower Power' by Caroline Wedd. We were lucky to have Caroline visit us, read the story and tell us all about the inspiration for her book. 


The Y1's wrote about their summer holidays, and completed a baseline Maths assessment for our new topic of 'place value'. Our new Reception children spent time in our different classroom areas exploring new resources and making new friends. We spent lots of time in our outdoor classroom enjoying water, sand and small world activities. The mud kitchen, trikes and role play are some of our favourite areas and everyone enjoyed our new snack station shop at break time.

Minibeast poems! We collected nouns, verbs and adjectives to use in our creations!

The Big Bake to raise money for Tearfund. Class 1 found out they can make a difference to help others!

The Big Frieze

Our amazing art!

Year 2 learning with Spelling Shed

Looking at microhabitats in Science! We went hunting for worms!

Our trip to Conkers! We all had an amazing day!

Nibbles the book monster has been up to no good in Class 1! Have you seen him?

Morris Dancing!

Investigating capacity with sand and water

All ready for Pyjamarama Day!

We have been estimating and weighing classroom objects using balance scales.

Rock up and Read!

Father’s Day lunch!

Fun in the sun!

Making pizza!